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Smart Assignment

This is the publish page of Smart Assignment application.

What is Smart Assignment?

Smart Assignment is an application who helps the team leaders to solve the tasks assignment problem. 

It gives the optimized matching solution, by calculating the weighted conformities between every task and every candidate, on considering the levels of skills required, the competences of candidate, the contributions of skills, the priorities, etc. 


What is the latest version of Smart Assignment?

Smart Assignment is still under developpement. But a testing version (v1.0 Beta) is free to download and use.

Click here to download.  downloadIcon

What are the prerequisites to use Smart Assignment?

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 


How to use Smart Assignment?

A very-easy-to-be-used interface allows the user to create and modify the skills, positions and candidates easily. Some screenshots are illustrated bellow.


imprscr2.JPG  imprscr3.JPG


Is it free?

Currently, Smart Assignment is free to test with the permission of the author. Please contact with me by jia.kang.1982@gmail.com

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